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Extract the Benefits of PAIR (Parallel Audio Interview Recordings)


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Parser @Industry Accuracy

Digital Assessments

End-to-End Intelligence & Governance

PAIR (Parallel Audio Interview Recordings)

  • 1000's
    Parallel Interviews
  •  30min
    to Kickoff
  •  20min
    Response Time
  •  50%
    Read-to-Interview Overview

Sourcing & Parsing

Recruiters deal with hundreds of profiles on a daily basis. Our Parser will parse these in couple of minutes and provides the output ready for visualization, all the while reducing the time for Recruiter.

  • Bulk Resume Uploads.
  • Excel with Candidate details (downloaded from Job boards).
  • Also Get Parsed HR JSON Resume Output
  • Email Referrals - We map referral candidate profiles to their interviews automatically. Recruiter need not worry about the profile of a non scheduled candidate.

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Visualize and Shortlist Profiles

Discover the profiles instead of filtering them

Instead of going through each profile individually and identify possible candidates to reach out, Recruiter can Visually skim the profiles and  shortlist them for scheduling the interview based on

  • Location
  • Qualifications
  • Years of Experience
  • Used Skills and Known Skills
  • Job Title
  • Previously Worked Companies
  • Universities Attended etc...

The Interactive UI lets you work with the options to find suitable candidates


Schedule the shortlisted candidates and reach out to them using SMS and Email with Company Branding.

  • Email
  • Phone SMS
  • Voice Branding during Interview
  • Reach thousands of candidates without the worry of time to increase the Probability of Hiring.
  • Automated Process-Sit back while your company is getting noticed.

Audio Interviews

  • Listen to only the necessary content.
  • Shortlist candidates and rate them at your convenience.
  • Spend less effort in interacting with the candidate.
  • Spend more time in analyzing huge volume of candidates.


  • Use the Voice Analysis to analyze the best answered candidates first.
  • Select the top answered candidates for next round (MR Video or In-person interview) with 30% reduced effort.
  • Recruiter can review 10x number of candidates and build pipelines with readily available interviews for future requirements.

MapRecruit SaaS Subscription

We believe in result based pricing at ₹5/- ($0.10) per “Pay-per Interview” (1 credit)

1 Credit = 1 interview or processed

1 Credit = 1 interview response

Credits never expire.

Each Credit includes : Email & SMS communication, Resumes Parsing, Automated Interview

MR Resume Parser API

For Industry Standard Resume Parser which uses Machine Learning and Deep learning provides output in HR XML/JSON

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Enterprise Solutions

Customized HR Technology Solutions at competitive price.

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* Assuming each Job attacts 100 Profile screenings and One Recruiter spends 15 minutes / person.

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  •  90%
    Reduced TAT
  •  30%
    Effort Reduction
  •  10x
  • 20%
    More Revenue

Your jobs Powered by MapRecruit can be displayed / communicated easily to your potential employees

where they see it most.. Billboards, Google Ads, Twitter, Public Transportation, etc..

Talent Analytics / Data Science

Is Search / Semantic Search not fulfilling your Candidate Selection purposes? We are proficient in Talent Analytics and Data Science. We can build the Custom solutions to do What-if Analysis on the data. During the process we get you the derived attributes based on our algorithms / data sources.

Matching & Ranking


  • Parsed to HR JSON
  • Synonyms and Alternate Skills/Titles
  • Contextual Weightages


  • JD Context
  • Rank based on JD Parsed Content Priorities

"Have Huge Volume of Profiles? We are experts in"

Resume Parsing

We have our own custom Resume Parser comparable to the industry leading Parsers.

Once the Parsed content is available we can do

  • Data Segregation based on Skills, Location, Years of Experience, Education.
  • Visualization for What-if Scenarios.
  • Discover eligible Candidates.

Resume Enrichment

Enrich Profiles against most of the popular Social & Professional Sources.

Automated Sourcing

  • Can fetch profiles from GitHub, LinkedIn etc.
  • Can Enrich the profiles with the Updated Information collected instantly.
  • Can do Outbound Marketing with Jobseeker Intelligence.

Resume De-duplication

Have loads of profiles with numerous duplicates sitting in your database?

We do De-duplication based on the required attributes and Enrich the resume with the content available from different times.

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